The lamp for dental unit FARO, has a new LED technology with patented optical design reflected light.The innovative features such as retractable handles and sterilizable, high color rendering time by reducing the blue color component (in favor of the red component), which limits the potential for photochemical lamp make Alya an extremely technological and innovative product.

Its perfect balance of the lamp body combined with the exclusive system of head rotation on the optical axis, which ensures the highest accuracy in the orientation of the beam, make the Alya lamp unique, because this feature significantly reduces the risk of accidental glare to the patient. Besides that, there is also the audible warning light intensity minimum and maximum.

Furthermore, the lamp Alya has a proximity sensor inductive alternatively microjoystick for the ignition and the control of the same things that can be controlled with remote system.

This peculiarity in addition to its exclusive design by UDESIGN GROUP, Alya lamp was selected by the Permanent Observatory of Design ADI and candidate for the selection of the XXIII ° Compasso d’Oro (‘Golden Compass’).