“Libra” is the name given to a revolutionary electronic door opening system designed by UDESIGN, wholly designed and manufactured in Italy by ISEO group. Selected by ADI-Design for the “Design of Materials and Components” and awarded the “Honorable Mention” in 2014, is characterized by the innovative open access that does not happen through more traditional mechanical keys, but thanks to various devices modern and innovative, such as cards or credentials virtual conveyed by mobile phone.

Each device can be enabled or disabled access to different days and time slots, and the system also keeps track of any unauthorized attempts to open, giving the system more security and flexibility. The design is neutral, elegant and versionabile in countless configurations.

In the planning phase has been paid particular attention to the objective of reducing the environmental impact of electronic components, while also providing the ability to easily divide the different materials to promote an almost total recyclability of the product at end of life.

“Libra” in the complex fully meets the challenges that characterize the horizon of the Italian industrial design, as described in the catalog presentation of the ADI Design INDEX: a design approach to people, the environment, the challenges of technological innovation and to the real needs the user, the real “ethical and economic sustainability.”