The range consists of three products: KK 503 access control reader, biometric sensor B with KK 503, KK 503 T proximity reader RFD.

The new built-in line studied by UDESIGN GROUP to be set in different realities and situations, provides a high versioning is the cover of the upper lateral shoulders.

The coupling of the two patented cover enables unlimited customization as well as a coherence particularly well in line with current fashion trends.

For this reason, in addition to the design philosophy and technology developed by R & D Microntel, the line Karpos KK 503 won a prestigious award from Permanent Observatory of Design who has selected for publication in the ADI Design Index 2012, recognizing in all-Italian Company and the product MICRONTEL as an example of technology, design and innovation.

Therefore, the National Commission INDEX ADI, the Association for Industrial Design, decided to bring KARPOS KK503 Series for the next selection of the XXIII international prize “Compasso d’Oro” (‘Golden Compass’).