Karpos Style comes from the idea of ‘”Engineering & Design Center” Microntel. The result of an innovative system design, based on cutting-edge technology and sophisticated engineering, is the data collection terminal with high performance capabilities, which solves every need of attendance of the staff.

Karpos Style is a flexible and versatile terminal, which has various reading technologies, including multiple and combined, for the identification of radio frequency cards – according to all standards on the market – magnetic cards and fingerprints. Using the mode of FTP data transmission can send the information and data collected at any standard FTP Server, without the need of other application software support for data transmission.

The Web Server at the edge of the terminal is used to perform operations of configuration settings and parameters sent, through the use of a simple web page. Karpos Style communicates with any type of data transmission interface: Ethernet, WiFi and GPRS also to reach all areas of application.

With a sleek, elegant and simple, made of UDESIGN GROUP perfectly integrated with any furnishing requirement and installation Karpos Style is designed for the user who requires ergonomics and ease of use.

Karpos Style is not just a Time & Attendance, but can manage with their own interface connection, even up to 8 access control reader.