February 29, 2016

L5 is the laser machine dedicated only to the fiber and represents an authentical focus of technology, with an original patented mechanical system, constituted by a structure in compass.

This structure, made possible by the absence of the optical path, is driven by a pair of rotary motors which allow to move the cutting head on the XY plane, in the distance of 170 mm, with up to 5g dynamics and with very low energy consumption, thanks the small masses to be moved. The compass is the heart of the mechanical solution patented by Salvagnini because it guarantees dynamics similar to those of the linear motors, while maintaining reduced operating costs. The version presented at Kinetic Euroblech 2012 has been enhanced with a new design and innovative technical solutions. The cabinet and the radiation source were integrated into the base of the machine, and this made the car even more compact and easy to install.

The sliding doors have been replaced with a “cowling” openable upwards, which creates sufficient space for the bearing structure of the kinematic socket, without reducing the accessibility to the work area.