A 500_

2013 / CLIENT:

AVS Electronics

Important news from AVS Electronics, a Riello Group company, specialized in “Made in Italy” security systems.

AVS Electronics is a constantly growing reality throughout Italy and which is finding more and more acclaim abroad. To sanction this course, since 1996, AVS Electronics opens the direct branch in Milan, which has meanwhile become a privileged place for the professional market. The A 500 keyboard, designed by UDESIGN, is a correct mixing of compositional elegance and ease of use. The particularly small size and ergonomics of the keys make the A 500 keyboard an important technological reference, due to the type of its layout and its aesthetics, which blends in with any environment. Characterized by a neutral and elegant design, it allows an exclusive “versioning” of the front cover, which is available in different color solutions, together with the peculiarity of being a “user friendly” product.


Management keyboard with 32 characters LCD + 7 LEDs, equipped with backlighting, white light keys, blue light display. Cover presented in white as standard. Zone inputs: 1 (NC) Absorption: 70mA Compatibility: XTREAM control panels. The A 500 keypad differs from the A 500 “PLUS” EVOLUTA model, which instead is equipped with an NFC proximity reader and interchangeable front cover in different colors.

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