2013 / CLIENT:


Diamond is a ventilated refrigeration counter that combines cutting-edge technical features and stylistic research, in line with the evolutionary path of the Pastorfrigor company, a long-standing customer of UDGROUP. It is a top-of-the-range counter that differs from the other models for its taut lines, inspired by the concepts of “edge design”, which give it a strong personality and a wide range of aesthetic customization: laminates are available for this product and painted as, for example, the solutions with wood or stone effect and various special decors. On the Diamond, stainless steel is standard for the inside of the tank, the display surface and the work surface: areas that are easily accessible thanks to the glass with front upright, which can be lifted with the aid of hydraulic pistons. Particular attention was paid to lighting for an even more spectacular presentation of the products; under the change-over table there are two continuous and parallel series of LED bars, available in different color temperatures. Diamond will initially be available in deli and meat versions, served and self-service, with modules of various sizes and angles.

Colour Versioning

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